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We now have over 6000 different models from over 450 different manufacturers in our range of amp covers, cab covers,
speaker covers, mixer covers, mixer bags, PowerBags, and p.a. covers - and ordering has never been easier. 

All our amp covers and cab covers are made to spec, made to order and come with all necessary handle-holes.

You can choose between a dust cover (DustGuard), standard protection (AmpGuard) or added protection (FoamGuard), add speaker
protection in the form of a board pouch, cable pocket, placeholder strap, handle hole flap(s) and select the seam binding color you would prefer.

If you can't find the make and model of your specific amp or cab OR you want something made for a hand-built item,
you can submit the dimensions, we will price up the cover, list it ready for purchase and send you the link - within 72 hours.

Our standard covers (AmpGuard) have an outer layer of waterproof, woven poly-propylene, an inner layer of 250gm heavy-duty,
non-shed felt and the layers are laminated together for rigidity and durability.

We bind our covers together with 25mm colored webbing (600kg breaking strain - you could tow a small car with it!), and although
they only come in black, you have a choice of 9 seam-binding colors, red, yellow, green, blue, white, black, purple, orange or pink -
in keeping with the color-schemes of most manufacturers of amp & cab equipment.

All our amplifier covers and cab covers are fully guaranteed and covered by a comprehensive returns policy.

Go to our amp & cab cover storeGo to our amplifier cover store here.



Everything we manufacture is backed by our
ROQSOLID 30-day money-back guarantee.